Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dirty Mac

After all these years, I'd resisted it... but no more... After getting fed up of dragging my seemingly 30Kg "beast" Dell PC Laptop around - it quite literally weighs a ton, I have plunged for a 12" iBook which is neat, small and light - as well as 6hrs on a charge. I now almost exclusively use the Dell for my home PC after giving my uber-powered PC to my son who uses it constructively to play Oblivion, Empire At War and World of Warcraft.

The iBook is due to be delivered next week and I'll no doubt leave it in a bar at E3... This is the 2nd "gadget attack" I've had in the last few weeks after an impulse purchase of a MicroKorg in San Francisco. The MicroKorg, it has to be said, is bloody brilliant :)

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