Monday, April 17, 2006

Holiday over

Despite it being bank holiday and rain threatening to wipe out the opportunity to get some stuff done, I managed a good 7-8hrs in the garden inbetween showers, finishing off my fence and managing to get a full first coat onto the decking - which is looking miles better already, but the bad news is that it will need two coats - and I'll obviously need more paint.

I'd finished off the first coat and come in for a cuppa at around 8pm, left my deck lights on and the table/chairs in the garden only to see it absolutely hammer it down, soaking everything in sight - and its still raining now. Fortunately the stain on the deck is the quick-drying, quickly rain resistant type so thats ok. The table and chairs are on my to-do list to stain and varnish anyway.

So all in all, my garden free-for-all has resulted in much progress all round and I'm now motivated to get it all done and get in there when the weather warms up. I took a few "before" pics and I'll enjoy comparing them with the after ones in a few weeks.

Tomorrow I have to go for a blood-test since I'm in at the diabetic clinic next week for check-ups. Having a blood test isn't a problem, it's just a lot of hanging about at the hospital, the test itself only taking minutes. My only issue really is that they request "fasting" tests which means nothing to eat/drink (apart from water) from when I go to bed until after I've done the test :-(

I also got a mail from one of our publishing contacts in the USA regarding some conversations of late and I'm due to speak with them tomorrow. Fingers crossed it's good news on any one of three possible projects we're discussing. Not that I can really divulge anything anyway.

Busy week this week too, with producers up from Sony (our Lemmings publisher) Midweek and me up in Newcastle on Thursday (most likely stopping over and it'll mean a few drinks "on the toon"). Weeks fly by as it is, but ones with just 4 working days go super fast.

Anyway, I'm gonna enjoy my grouse & lemonade and watch some more "Curb your enthusiasm".

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