Wednesday, April 19, 2006

This and that...

Got the first glimpse of the "Sensible Soccer" remake today over at Eurogamer.TV and I'm not sure what to make of it - it looked too damn easy to score to me. Talking to a pal over at Codies (the publisher) and it appears there are different modes for the keepers, personally I'd have liked the video to show them doing great saves since I think that's what really makes the likes of Pro Evo. I'm not sure if Jon Hare (from the original team who developed it) has had a ton to do with the remake, but I hope so and have a lot of time for Jon.

I was always a die-hard KickOff2 fan until the 2nd release of Sensi appeared (the first having knackered keeper logic) and played it a ton. I'm not sure how it will do in this day and age given the fact that fans really like the visuals and quality on offer from Pro Evo (I've not been a fan of the FIFA series since the early Megadrive version).

In the design room today we decided that one concept had perhaps gone too far and we were chasing our tails somewhat. However one of the by-products was an interesting idea that would suit another platform with specific input interfaces, so we'll see where that ends up! It's always interesting to see where concepts do and don't lead and in most cases they prove very useful.

The new charts came out today and we still have 2 PSP titles in the top 10. Football manager is now number one (congrats to Miles and the team) and I had a quick look at it, as well as the 360 one - but I just haven't had any quality time to play much of late.

Out tonight for beers, the Arsenal-Villa Real Champions League game in Wakefield, followed most likely by a Thai meal. We'll be joined with one of the guys from Sony who we're working with on a couple of things.

Tomorrow I'm off to Newcastle and that means a Virgin train - I've not usually been that impressed with those compared to the excellent GNER trains to London. I'm staying over with a mate as well so we'll probably be exploring one or two watering holes in the North East as well as a curry-house no doubt.

Oh and my new ibook lasted a full 6hours on a single charge. I've ordered another battery and will put it to the test on the flight over to Los Angeles in a few weeks. At least it'll give me options for in-flight entertainment - I'm already planning on saving some "Curb your enthusiasm" for that.

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