Friday, May 12, 2006

Bad lads and Mojitos

"One won't hurt"

A very dangerous phrase, especially when the "one" is a very potent Mojito and comes in a pint glass. It's also more dangerous when you have five of them.

And this was on the Demonware bus. We didn't make the first party, obviously - and only just made the second one to say hello to our friends at Epic and stare at the amazing Gears Of War.

Anyway, back to the bus... On the 3rd or 4th lap of the convention centre, a few TV people got interested including one with a reasonably attractive presenter and she came up on the bus to do a piece for TV. Anyway, during a group photo/shot, I sneaked up behind her and loaded my mojito straw with ice-cold mojito and released it down her back, just at the right place above the top of her jeans. There was a bit of pandemonium it has to be said and the Americans were a bit shocked. Myself, Kilburn and Matt from Sony laughed aplenty. However we laughed even more when I did it a second time, an hour later and she blamed someone else. Matt managed to "snap his laughter string" for the 2nd consecutive day.

Those bloody mojito's. I also managed another social faux-pas when I suggested that I "come down for a piss" (instead of a drink) to a guy I'd not seen for ages. I'm not quite sure how he took it, but I hope he recognises it was the Mojitos that made me do it.

We eventually got to the Standard Downtown party, which is an awesome rooftop bar in the middle of downtown Los Angeles, 30+ floors up or something. I went into serial-abuse mode again and we had a good laugh, paying particular attention to a games journalist who had the audacity to call us "jaded" simply because we didn't like the fact that Edge magazine has silvery fonts on occasion.

From there we went on to the Sony party somewhere up in the Hollywood hills. I'm not usually a fan of big games industry parties and despite the fact that this was $350 a ticket, I couldn't get excited about it. We had one drink and left. It was very loud, very busy and very impersonal - I'm not quite sure who they wanted to impress. I will pass next time and I should have done this time, it's just not my scene and I guess it's old-fart syndrome.

Its now 6 in the morning (I was awoken by a particularly violent "mole at the counter") and to be fair I can still feel myself running on Mojito, so I guess there'll be a hangover x3 coming at some point. Fortunately we only have a couple of meetings today, although one is a biggie.

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