Saturday, May 20, 2006

Big weekend, little energy!

I'll be setting off for Jon's party soon - am already tired after overseeing 20+ 5yr old's run rampage in the Wacky Warehouse at the Walnut Tree in Wakefield, still, Harry seemed to have fun.

I've been up since about 2.30am since I woke up with a start and couldn't get back off - this will serve me in good stead later when I attempt to either catch the 23:50pm or failing that, the 2:06am train back to Leeds (and then attempt to get a cab home). Looks like either 2am or 4am for my return, prior to being collected at 6.30am to go to Cardiff for the match.

I had a funny old morning down at The Carphone Warehouse; fortunately they'd approved my insurance claim for the Blackberry and suggested that I go to my local store where they'd be happy to sort out a new one.

So I did, my local store happened to be in the Riding's centre - a pretty crappy (it has to be said) shopping mall in the middle of Wakefield. Anyway, on the stroke of 9am, I strode manfully in there and got on with the detail only to be told they don't stock Blackberries at all.

No problem said I, just arrange for one to be sent and I'd pick it up - I wasn't in a mad rush for a new one and was anxiously watching the time since we'd got a kids party at 11am.

Anyway, it wasn't long before it was clear that the people behind the counter were derranged and/or mad - that common sense wasn't prevailing. "They have them at Leeds" - I'm sorry, but I can't get over to Leeds today, I could maybe get over later if you can ask them to hold one? (says I, fairly reasonably)

"Well, they don't tend to answer their email on saturday's so we can't promise that" - so why don't you phone them, this being a phone shop and all, I quipped "They'll be too busy on a saturday, they never answer the phone, only emails." I sighed after this at which point the manager appeared and compounded my rising blood pressure.

"You shouldn't have come here in the first place, you should have gone to Leeds" - eh? The call told me to go to my local store! "That's not our problem, if you want one in your hand today you must go to Leeds" - I've already said that I can't do that right now and I don't actually need the phone today, I just need to know that it's in the pipeline and I'll get it. "You shouldn't have come here on a Saturday" - what???!! Why??!! "It's our busiest day - we'd be happy to deal with this when we are less busy" - ??? (At this point I was in shock, since I was the ONLY person in the store, they couldn't be LESS busy).

A full 30mins later and I'd finally managed to agree that they'd transfer a phone from another store and that they'd let me know when it arrives and I could then collect it. I'm only glad they approved the insurance claim or else this would have steadied itself for a grim many-month war I think. Summary: If you're thinking of shopping in The Carphone Warehouse; Don't.

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