Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ginned Up

Well, that's one day of E3 over with and very good it was too.

It didn't start off particularly great as I managed to break my neat little digital camera - so this will explain the "no picture regime" until I manage to replace it.

The show itself didn't seem as noisy and boisterous as it usually is and to be fair, the pace of our meetings was pretty good that we kept busy all day. We had some great meetings and that made the day very good. As usual, we bumped into many old faces and that was great.

In the evening, we went to the Nordic party at Skybar and this is where I have a problem; there was simply far too many good incidents, amusing stories and jokes that I couldn't hope to cover them all here. Suffice to say, it was an awesome evening capped off by security dragging a guy out of the women's toilets who'd gone in there on my advice. (There was a queue for the gents - so I had this, err, arrangement so to speak).

The most memorable story is one recounted by our good friend Svadge (I'll avoid the proper name for embarrasment/profile reasoning) who told us of the time last year he attended a 50th birthday celebration and got horribly drunk. In the evening he'd gone to the toilet and started SMS'ing someone mid-bowel-movement. In his drunken confusion he got up and then proceeded to wipe his backside with his phone. Well, it made us laugh - all night and that's without mentioning ordering a drink for someone who looked like Sting, whilst singing "Roxanne" and laughing at a Finnish friend who looks like Darth Vadar with his helment off.

Got to go, breakfast and "hangover squared" waiting.

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