Saturday, May 13, 2006

Just one more then...

You'ld think I'd learn my lesson. But no.

Another night of Mojito's and another battering. This time, post E3, it appears I dozed off in the Matrix bar and awoke with wet, Mojito flavoured shoes. The only upside it seems is that the barmaid gave me the wrong check and it was like $39, despite being in there 7.30pm through to 1am. I was in no state to consider any morals (as usual).

The Matrix bar (one of the ones in the world "top 50") was brilliant as usual, just a shame I was really lacking any real energy to enjoy it to the max. I guess we'll be back in there tonight to try again - if anything, the boat-load of shrimps we ate at Bubba Gumps prior to going in there didn't help and apart from minty mojito shoes, there were no real stories of note.

Today, it's time to shop and I'm trying to resist buying a Gibson guitar despite Kilburn suggesting I do so (I bought a Micro-Korg last time I was here in March). I'm going to try and get a remote-controlled R2-D2 for Harry's birthday, so fingers crossed. We pick a car up at lunchtime, so hopefully I'll have sobered up by then. We plan to drive across the Golden Gate bridge and spend the afternoon in Sausolito, which is a lovely place.

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