Sunday, July 30, 2006

It's Yarm outside.

I had the pleasure of a trip up to Yarm, which is a small town just north of Northallerton up towards Middlesboro. Despite going through the place a few times on the train, I'd always wanted to visit since I'd heard it was good fun on a night.

Basically the "town" is a wide, half-mile long cobbled high-street which is kind of totally surrounded by a river on 3 sides, meaning that there are a bunch of pubs with riverside beer gardens. Unfortunately I was only there a couple of hours, meeting with a bunch of developers from the region, who we hope to be working with sooner or later - so I didn't really get the chance to savour the "special atmosphere" the place is said to have of an evening - although I've heard rumours of long queues outside pubs, which I must admit doesn't sound great.

Our summer is still going strong, although the temperature has dropped a few degrees but it's still remaining pretty humid at night. I've heard that August will be even hotter than July, so that'll be interesting - we're certainly enjoying (or were, it's getting a bit tiresome now) the best sustained summer weather I can remember in the last 10-15 years at least.

It's another kids party today, with Harry going to a "football party" in Leeds. Not sure whats going to happen at that, although of course, I can hazard a guess.

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