Monday, July 24, 2006

Return of the heat

With the pyromaniacs gone (they were identified and verbally shot - 3 young kids) we can at least relax a little again. Which is just as well since the summer is set to continue once more.

We had some thunderstorms on Saturday, but I missed the worst (best?) of them when I stayed over at my mates in Knaresborough. However, from lunchtime on Sunday, the sun was out, "cracking t'flags" again. I made the most of it, having a good afternoon with the Spong lads and my old mucker Tim Smith, who'd just flown in from Australia - hopefully he'll make the move permanent and is probably the only person to convince me to attend Elland Rd on a regular basis.

Since it was a special occasion, I quaffed a few pints of Pedigree - and rather enjoyed it.

At home we've reclaimed the conservatory (i.e. got shot of all the toys) and put a TV in there so we're now in there more often. Trina is quite happy about this.

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