Thursday, August 31, 2006

For better or worse...

We made the plunge and got a dog for the kids today, a West-Highland White Terrier. The kids have called him "Herbie" and he's 12weeks old. The cats are a little cautious and so is he just yet, but I think everything will settle down in a day or two. We can't take him for walks until he's fully innoculated, but I've got that to sort now.

He seems to have a very friendly disposition and has been all over the kids, which is a good sign - they were overjoyed when we went to get him from a house in Conisborough, near Doncaster, since it was a total surprise. He's got some poncy kennel club name (Mister Rover Wonder!) so if he turns out to be a fine dog, we'll probably get him out to stud or something - that'd be cool although the missis perishes the thought of that and wants his "bits done".

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