Sunday, September 24, 2006

All the fun of the careers fair...

Just a quick note to say that Team17 and myself will be attending the Games Careers Fair in London next week (Tue 3rd, Wed 4th October) which will be held at the Cafe Royale. It's a new thing for us, we normally attend the publisher-developer "speed-dating" event but since we're pretty busy with limited development capacity (other than for our current partners) we're going to do the careers event for a number of reasons; (1) it hopefully will act as an indicator to the largely southern based outfits that the north is still alive (2) that we would like to attract top talent to one of the regions, countries, europes and dare-say world's finest Indy developers :-) (3) It also gives us a good excuse to be in London and mix with the publishers and other members of the industry who will be closely packed into the West-end over the course of the 3-4 days that is London Games-Week.

If I'm anywhere late on, it'll most likely be the "O-Bar" in Soho again, we had a top time there last year. I believe we're planning a big night out with a bunch of publishers on the Tuesday/Wednesday so if anyone's reading and fancies abit of our style of fun, let me know.

However, before London I have to survive 3 nights in the sedate village of Dublin and try and avoid having copious amounts of the Black Stuff thrown down my neck.

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