Monday, September 11, 2006


Talk about chaos... Jack's now got a remote control Dalek which is whizzing up and down the hallway screaming "Seek, destroy, annihilate!" and the dog is chasing about, barking like a mad thing.

Fortunately Jack's in bed at 8.30pm and peace will break out.

Games wise, despite "Saints Row" turning up for the 360, I've been playing a lot of "Test Drive Unlimited" which the very kind Wouter of Atari sent last week. It's excellent and highly recommended. I keep meaning to pick up Dead Rising too, but I know I need to give Saints Row a go as well. The kids, meanwhile, are eagerly awaiting Lego Star Wars 2 from Oh and series 5 of Curb Your Enthusiasm arrived today... which reminds me, Kilburn/Dennis - where are series 1-4? :-)

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