Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Swede and other vegetables

I'm currently away in Malmo, Sweden for a gathering of Nordic gaming illuminati. The area always has something of a soft-spot for me given the amount of Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish guys that either still work with us - or have done so over the last 15 years or so.

Malmo has dramatically changed in this period, akin to Leeds in the UK and its a very pleasant place now.

Myself and JD have a talk in about 1.5hrs, which should be good as I've not read it yet - but I always tend to prefer to do our talks "off pat" and as they come, the Swedish groups always ask tonnes of questions and that's always the easiest and best bit for me.

I spent most of last night with a good bunch of people I've known some time; Andreas, Rico, Housemarque dudes and Sten Selander, all great lads - tonight there's some vaguely sounding pretentious party at "The Budda Club" so it's best this entry gets done now.

The "One Man Star Wars" show I took Jack to see in Sheffield on Sunday was ace. He hasn't stopped banging on about it since we went and thats beside the dozen or so stormtroopers we saw in the square outside the theatre - I'd certainly recommend catching the show if you have fond memories of the trilogy. It's also raised the bar somewhat on what I considered reasonable energy levels for a fellow human.

BTW Kilburn, nothing lost... yet.

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