Monday, October 23, 2006

Back and on holiday...

Not that you can tell, I've spent most of the day catching up on Emails and chasing a few business bits & pieces up :-/

There wasn't anything outrageous to report upon in Sweden, had a good time with Rico, Sten, Andreas, Hannes and the new lads (as well as Andreas from Tarsier). We had a bit of a party on the saturday night, the highlight of which for me was hiding potatoes and mushrooms in people's shoes before we went to the Local Pub (Lord Nelson) which was seemingly occupied by genetic freaks and nutcases rather than the great crowd who'd been in the night before.

Travel went ok, but still took the best part of 13hrs (despite everything being on time), if I'm out there again (due in Feb'07) I'll be going direct from Manchester to Copenhagen and getting picked up in the car; all this trains, buses, delays and problems is not good for the soul - nor is travelling very tired and somewhat hungover, how on earth I managed to keep the contents of my stomach intact on both the relatively short flights, I'll never know.

Got a few things planned this week and I might even try and get some exercise/cycling in, my weight's down to it's lowest for a number of years and I've even managed to get into 33" waist jeans (I was 40" about 18months ago) with plenty of room for manouevre.

Tomorrow night we're having a family trip to the Leeds - Southend cup game, with Leeds in the middle of a totally shocking run, hopefully this game will be a good break from the pressures of the league. Leeds are also trying to get Dennis Wise as the new coach, from Swindon Town. Whilst Wise has been rumoured all along, I'm not really sure if it's what I'd have wanted, but by god do Leeds need a fresh injection of passion right now.

On Thursday we're taking Jack to Leeds where he'll queue to have his Doctor Who "Golden Super-Rare Ticket" (Dr.Who trading cards) signed by Billy Piper, who's appearing at WHSmiths. After that he'll be going to Forbidden Planet, his new favourite store.

I've also got to nip over to see my pal Thirkers in Whitby at some point.

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