Thursday, October 19, 2006

Delayed and confused.

3.45am wake up and 4.15am out of the house, I arrived (just) at Leeds Bradford at 4.45 in deep, thick fog.

Rumours in the check-in queue proved to be correct and it was confirmed that no flights were leaving leeds due to "the weather outside" (as obviously opposed to the internal weather) .

Eventually, at 6am, after the temptation to drive to manchester myself had subsided, I boarded the bus bound for manchester in the hope we'd get there in time for another klm flight to amsterdam and hopefully make the ongoing connection to copenhagen.

I wouldn't mind, but there was the option of a single, direct flight from manchester but leeds is almost always a total doddle in comparison - not today though.... Just a shame I'm on my own and there's no-one else here to enjoy the delights of a wet and windy m62 at 6.15am!

Oh well, wish me luck - going to be interesting - and that's about as positive a spin I can put on it. I'll be less positive when we eventually fly over leeds on the way to amsterdam.

Martyn Brown,
Studio Director,
Team17 Software Ltd.
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