Thursday, October 19, 2006

Quick summary

Wake, shower, drive to airport, park, walk, queue, wait, catch bus to manchester airport, get delayed on m62, queue, run to terminal 1, fail to get direct flight, run back to terminal 2, queue, get fast-tracked, wait, queue, get on plane, wait for 2hrs until 30 passengers are located, wait 1hr until their bags arrive, fly to amsterdam, queue for ticket which enables me to queue, get new ticket, get a sarnie with 10 euro KLM "apology", throw half of said disgusting item in bin, walk about 6miles to my gate through shitty schiphol, queue, wait, get on aircraft for copenhagen, wait for 30 mins whilst bags for 5 missing passengers is removed, fly to copenhagen, wait for bag, miracle of miracles it arrives, wait for train, get train, get taxi, arrive at hotel.

What now? You know what....

Martyn Brown,
Studio Director,
Team17 Software Ltd.
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