Friday, November 24, 2006

Back safe and sound.

Well, we managed to not lose anything (not even any dignity) and caught the 11.30pm back from London, replete with a bucket of the Colonel's finest and even washed it down with a bottle of red whilst fending off some nutcase bloke who insisted he should be doing business with us (he sold pentium powered rabbit hutches or something).
We had a very successful meeting earlier in the day and then a good evening at The Green Man in Soho, without a chav to be seen (eh Mat?). I got home about 2.30am a little worse for wear, but it was a good day all in all - suffice to say also that Jamie didn't make his 5.30pm train and caught the Stella Express too - am not sure what kind of form he'll be in later today.
Oh and it appears that Jamie is going to try and convince the other directors here that we buy a company race-horse. I like the idea, as long as it can be called "Superfrog" :)
The sunny disposition outside has now been replaced by torrential rain, which is a bit of a shame but I guess staying in will give me more opportunity on Gears of War, which I played online with a bunch of Teamster's the other night and loved - I'm keen to play the campagin mode now online in co-op mode.
Sega (and the lovely Stef McGarry) were also kind enough to send a copy of Sonic on 360 for Harry (the world's biggest Sonic fan, coincidentally) but by god is it difficult/frustrating. It had the poor little bugger in tears - I'm still consoling him you bastards!
It's the first game in years I've had to consult a walkthrough for the very first level (the bit where you have to find the gate button for the whale-pen) - and people used to have a pop at us for Project-X being too hard!

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