Thursday, November 30, 2006

It wouldn't have happened in my day...

I took young Harry to school today as I do most mornings, with him having had a day off yesterday since he clearly wasn't well.

When I get there, they turn him back around again, insisting he had 48hrs off since there's been a bug going around the school... he tried to look disappointed in front of his teacher, but as we backed off toward the school gates with Herbie in tow, he looked at me with a glint in his eye and a wide smile flashed across his cheeky face.

The magic of an unexpected day off school, kind of like the lottery for little kids - now if only he hadn't left his DS at his other grandma's house.

Preparing for departure.
At work it's full steam ahead on our trip to France's 2nd city, Lyon, for Game Connection ( and we're due to have 50 or so meetings in 3 days, so that's going to be pretty busy - I'm going to need a drink or two of an evening just to wet my whistle.
On other things, our PS3 digital title, Lemmings (for Sony) has been approved in both the USA and Japan for release, so hopefully that might go live over the weekend. It will be great when there a few more PS3's to play it on though :)

I still can't discuss anything about Worms on XBLA, but we're readying the final localised build for testing now and it really shouldn't be long and we should hit the date we have been given.

There's a bit of a fuss about the "Arcade Wednesdays" going on since this week's release is a patch for Texas Hold'Em and one week there were a new set of cards for Uno. I guess something slipped at the last stage for major releases and I'm sure Microsoft are anxious to release more substantial content.

We're also finally anticipating reciept of Wii devkit, which we've been waiting a while for. We can't wait to get started on that stuff.

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