Thursday, November 23, 2006

On the train, heading for glorious Woking.

Am sat on the train (pulling into Peterborough) with Jamie and John, heading for the South West and the delights of Woking suburbia. Odds on that despite the bright sunshine right down the East Coast Line, it'll be rainy, drizzly and despressing when we get there.

We're off to visit a games publisher and we've got a kick-off meeting for a new project (as usual, can't say) on a new platform (who-hoo!). After that, we're calling in on another publisher for a quick meeting/catch up then out and about in London with a bunch of developers, most of whom we know from an online developer forum and includes my mate and perrenial Mr Angry, Miles Jacobson of Sports Interactive notoriety. I think we're drinking in The Green Man, just off Oxford Street - although Matt reckoned this was a chav's pub!

I assume at this stage that we'll be catching the 11.30pm "Stella Express" to Leeds. I'll update the blog later, presuming I haven't had the Mac nabbed or left it somewhere, or am awake and still able to type. The nights in London tend to get a little boisterous.

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