Thursday, November 30, 2006

Poker night (reprise)

Time for another stab at the Eurogamer Poker tourney, in 15mins, if I can manage to snap the wife off the PC Laptop (she's into the new Bookworm Adventure game) and she'll have to make do with my iBook until I either win or I am defeated in my quest for the final. Speaking of which, come on PKR, release a Mac client of your software... then there would be no disputes.

Earlier I popped to Meadowhall and grabbed a couple of new shirts with which to spill curry on, some new Merrell shoe/trainer things (I was converted by Dave Jeffries) some new "Brut" as Albeck kindly calls it and a cam/wireless headset for the 360, which I'll try later.

I've had a couple of Bacardi's so am not sure I'll quite as steely as I was last time out in the Poker Tourney, when I came 3rd... and I should have won. We're gonna have another T17 poker night pre-christmas.


Kilburn said...

So much material so freely given:

Macs = shit = now vindicated.

Merrells = spaz shoes.

New brut.

and that's before getting started on the image of you playing on the 360 wearing a headset!!

Martyn "Spadge" Brown said...

Well, I figured you were running low.