Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas almost upon us

Have spent the best part of the day putting the Xmas tree up with the kids (after treating them to a Pizza Hut lunch). It took ages to assemble, we've got one with about 80 branches that you have to build - I'm not into the real ones since the cats tend to climb all over it, the dog will chew it and all the bloody spines fall off anyway.

The neighbours, as ever, have gone all Las Vegas on us again, decorating their entire outside with a huge variety of flashing lights, glowing santas, reindeers and more besides. It really is like a section of the Vegas strip. They've sold their house as well and are looking to move in the next couple of months, meaning my eldest son's mate is moving to Scotland - we'll have to see how he handles that.

I'm packed and ready for France, we should get there around late afternoon on Monday and we'll be straight into The St.James pub in Vieux Lyon to see if Bruno and the Perudo gang recall us from the previous two years!

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