Thursday, December 14, 2006

Getting by with a little help from his friends...

It was Jack's turn to perform today, playing the late George Harrison in a "Creepy Crawly Christmas" production at his school. Jack and three friends were the "Beetles" in the story and did some puns and jokes based on Beatles songs, which saw a catterpillar find a fallen star and take it through the forest and eventually on to, yes, the nativity stable. On the way there were soldier ants, dragonfly squadrons and a big fat spider (with moustache) which only had 6 legs - I'm not quite sure what the teachers had been smoking to dream it all up, but the kids enjoyed it.

Watching, crammed into a school hall with a low roof for an hour or so had everyone sweating and it was a relief to get back out into the wintry weather, I'm quite relieved I don't need to be at the 2nd performance this evening. They've been practising for weeks, mind.

Work hard, play hard?

On other things, a couple of people have mentioned the Lyon report and what a seemingly bloody good time I have when I'm away. Well, yes, I admit that I do enjoy a good time (and I'm pretty good at it, all told) but there is an awful lot of actual working going on a lot of the time and I hasten to remind you that the candle is burnt at both ends, not just the one. I'm certainly not one to retire early to the confines of my hotel room and watch a film.

I'm sure some struggle to class what I do as work or not, but I don't really care really. What I care about is putting the company in the best light when and wherever I can - and despite the occasional bout of well-intended debauchery, that appears to be paying dividends for us on a number of levels, with some fantastic partners and potential partners. Long may that continue.

Work hard, play hard being the order of the day. I do tend to blog-report on mostly the amusing and funny stuff (of which there always seems to be a rich source) which is the point really, I don't think it would be tremendously exciting to read about all the meetings and business talk that goes on (and suprisingly enough, it does!) - and a lot of the business side I can't really comment about in "public" so to speak anyway.

I guess a lot of people think it's the life of Riley and whilst it's fun from time to time (and more so on occasion) the amount of travelling and energy expelled does kind of impact on you eventually - right now I can't wait for a relatively quiet couple of weeks off with the family over Christmas in an effort to recharge my batteries for next year.

I'm not sure how many miles I've travelled this year through work (and the last 3-4yrs really) but it's a ton and believe me, it's a very different feeling to when you are going on holiday - sometimes it's great (Lyon) and sometimes you feel like you're somewhere in Mordor like the trip to Copenhagen/Malmo a couple of months ago. There's nothing like getting back from the other side of the world after travelling for 20+ hours and giving your kids a hug.

Worst time for me was when I was doing the press trips, which I was mostly on my own for and were non-stop, all I ever saw were airport departure lounges, junkfood and lots of foreign people I didn't know - pretty soul destroying and lonely. You take it all for granted really and as much as I enjoy some of the nights and days away, you just can't beat the time with your kids - and I know each and everyone of the groups I hang around with feel the same.

I'm just very lucky that the industry itself is pretty small, everyone knows each other and most are up for a bit of fun - which makes it all very bearable pretty much of the time.

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