Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Here's a quick round up of what else is happening in and around me right now;

Be gone, Witch!

Our neighbour of some 9years finally moves away today and not a moment too soon. Not being a person who really enjoys disliking anyone, it's been a pleasure to really hate and despise the silly witch who has been a pain in our arse for years. The woman who once came round to tell me to cut our back-garden grass because the length of it was upsetting her mother. The woman who suggested my 2yr old son (at the time) had stoned her yappy little weak-hearted, 15yr old Pomeranian called Danny to an early grave with 1cmx1cm bits of drainage gravel. The woman who accused me of bringing my children up incorrectly because my eldest, aged 2, quite intentionally referred to her as "Bugger lady". Well, good riddance! We know the people moving in, so happy happy...

Treading the boards...

Harry, aged 5, is playing lead in the school Christmas show and by all accounts he's going down a storm, with half the women leaving in tears. I'm due to go see him tonight and he's been practising his solo song for weeks now, taking it deadly seriously. I hope to get a picture and a video of him in action. I've got two beaming grandmothers at the moment.


On Friday I'll get a Wii, so am dead chuffed with that - it's for the kids of course... We also finally got our dev-kits at Team17 too, so full steam ahead on our project.

Gearing up for Worms Live Arcade

With the time ticking away and the game in the very final stages of certification, we're starting to gear up for the launch and promotion of the game, which should ship in the first few weeks of 2007 - happy new year indeed!

On the road again...

In the new year, just after the Xmas break I'll be on the road again as I revist Las Vegas for the CES show, where I imagine we'll do some press work for Worms Live Arcade, which could be publically unveiled there. I'm there for just 4 nights, which is about long enough in the city that doesn't sleep (at all).

Party Time

I'm also gearing up for festivities next week, with a do on Monday locally, the Team17 Christmas party on Wednesday and now traditional Christmas Poker on the last day before we break up. I was also invited to the Rockstar Leeds party, but I fear it'll be too much for me to handle and I feel like just taking it easy now... We'll also be having a new years bash like we did last year and be joined by friends, family, Singstar, Guitar Hero and probably Wii too.

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