Thursday, December 28, 2006

Spring came early.

Kind of. I took to spring-cleaning the kitchen yesterday, I'm not quite sure how that mood took me as I had intended to put my feet up and try and chill out. I've not been so well over xmas (the cold I'd got after Lyon returned and I was particularly stricken by Sinusitis - pressure in the head and feeling like crap) and I've even been considering not having our now annual New Years Eve party... so that's a measure of just how crap I've felt!

I'm now a wolf in Zelda, 2hrs in... I've now gotten over the fact it's in last-gen visuals and am enjoying it. I lost (twice) at Bowling to the wife and kids too.

The kids are off to a panto today and I'll most likely head out for a pint with Bob Broad - and maybe a bite too. Some work emails came in which reminded me I've a bit to do next week before heading off for Vegas.

Been watching the DVD compilation of "Planet Earth" which is stunning.

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