Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Snow Joke

It snowed tonight - a centimetre or so - and it's melted already so the kids will be utterly dejected come the morning. Still, not as dejected as the people trying to push through Worms XBLA since there's still no good news there, we were really hoping today might be the day we got the thumbs up, but no.

The complexity of the game (which belies it's simple appearance) means that especially in multiplayer mode, there's a lot of things than can crop up, combined with the technical requirements of all the stuff you need to do to look after the Live Dashboard, signing in/out and all that. It really is snow joke. However, that said, it's best that this stuff is found and fixed to ensure people get the most out of it - it's just that we're desperate to get this game out to the baying hordes! I'm also due to talk about the game at a Casual Game conference in Amsterdam in a couple of weeks, so I'd like to go there with an approved status if possible... we've been very close for a few days, but a couple of other things have cropped up which may take a day or two to get on top of. It's all very frustrating for everyone - not least those eagerly waiting for the game.

It's now 6 days to the big 4-oh! for me and at some point I aim to summise what being in my 30's has meant to me (i've done a ton of stuff, not including get married and fathering two fine sons) and also what I anticipate for my 40's and beyond.

The older you get, the more reflective you get and whilst I'm still busy trying to enjoy life where I can (and in many cases tend to overdose on fun) - it'd be much easier with a Worms XBLA certification pass under our collective belt ;)

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