Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I saw a mouse...

It's just turning 3am and I'm up getting ready to leave for Amsterdam to attend the Microsoft Casual Games partner day and then spend a couple of days at "Casuality" (note: not in casualty) which is a conference/event for casual games.

There's been a lot of interest in this casual-market and it's way of being served (i.e. predominantly digital) and there are keen interests with our Worms series, so I'm off to meet some companies and find out more about it all.

Part of all this has me giving a talk at Microsoft's partner event on Worms and our experiences with the XBLA version, with my presentation being "Global Worming". I'm on for about 30mins or so (it says here) and am there to share my experiences along with James from Popcap, who had a recent release with Heavy Weapon and have also had Bejewelled on the service. My wife was actually interested in what I was doing this time since she plays very few games (Singstar/Wii Sports aside) than Bookworm & Bookworm adventures, which are by Popcap.

I met James when I was out at CES, so it'll make things a lot easier. Hopefully I'll not say that "we're pumped" this time, but I'm going in on the sober side and at least this one's in Europe and I won't be subject to a number of American guys saying it every 5 seconds - although, to be fair, I'm tempted to sneak it in somewhere...

I'd spent most of today grimacing at the thought of another trip on the back of the Galway weekend (of which some un-sorted, un-commented pics are up on my photo site - see the link on the left) but I've managed to have a fair amount of sleep since I got back and not one drink -
not even glanced or thought of it (unsurprisingly) so feel pretty much ok.

There's a fair amount of social stuff arranged for these days out in Amsterdam and Craig Albeck is over too, so I'm sure we'll get up to some mischief along the way, that much is for sure.

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Have a good time!