Thursday, February 01, 2007

One of two things...

This is either;

My last post.


The last post until monday, which is my preferred option, to be fair.

If it's the former then tell my kids I love them, remind the studio to knock'em dead and tell the wife that once she's scooped the insurance money, i'd at least like a plaque on the wall.

I think it's fair to say too much is being made of the "train crash" scenario of Galway trip which has become shrouded in urban myth. I imagine that there'll be one or two hangovers, but we aren't as young as we once were and I'm sure that we can behave reasonably cordially with no loss of shoes, phones, dignity or other items, no use made of police cells, wheelchairs, gypsy pegs or .45 calibre weaponry.

Here's to the craic, then. Hopefully I'll post monday, prior to the trip to Holland.

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