Thursday, February 15, 2007

Photos for the lazy buggers!

I've added a feature at the bottom of the blog which shows recently added images from my Flickr site. There's also a full link to it. If you watch the slideshow you can also choose to see a few more. I'll endeavour to keep images coming where I can - and it saves including them in blog descriptions. I've also edited the blog to just show the last 5 entries, but all recent entries are archived on the left.

I've booked Monday/Tuesday off work since the kids are off-school and we'll most likely nip over to the coast or go somewhere interesting. I'd take them camping but it's not quite warm enough for my old bones to climb into a tent yet. I'm also taking them to the Leeds-QPR match on Tuesday night (a big relegation 6-pointer) so I hope that's good fun - and like most Leeds fans right now, I've got my eyes peeled for the mole at Elland Road.

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