Thursday, March 29, 2007

Next wednesday is happy blogday!

Quite amazing really, but next Wednesday will see the first anniversary of my blog - and barring the odd few days here and there, I've pretty much kept on top of it - and my Flickr site where possible. Some 300+ posts.

I aim to do a year's summary and have a re-read of what I wrote back then and see what I make of it. One thing that is clear is the great shape & position that the company is in right now and also me feeling a ton better about controlling my diabetes and finding that it's not really inhibited my life, or better still my occasionally erratic lifestyle.

I'm actually on holiday for 2 weeks too, spending some time with the kids over Easter and no doubt I'll be here and there, zoo's, coastal towns, visiting mates and all that stuff. Some R&R and by god do I need it after a fairly hectic few months. And it's almost April already...

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