Sunday, March 04, 2007

Red moon rising

Well, we watched the eclipse and got a really clear view, just out to the front of the house. It was difficult to take photos when it was in the shade (and a soft orange-red colour) but it was quite cool and something you don't see too often.

I'm up and about at 6.30am now, getting ready for a very long day; the trip to Leeds, to London and then on to San Francisco for GDC - where a fairly non-stop series of adventures awaits. I've got to play taxi first, collecting everyone and we should be all present and correct at the airport for about 9am-ish.

Last year our connecting flight was cancelled and we ended up getting in later, albeit courtesy of British Airways/Virgin and a first-class upgrade, my first ever - the proper one with the reclining beds, champagne and all that stuff :)

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