Thursday, March 01, 2007

Steady away

Had a very steady week really, nothing stand-out and to say I'm heading off to San Francisco on Sunday morning, I'm pretty downbeat and tired, truth be told.

Things are going well work wise and everything seems to be under control and sorting itself out - new things are on the horizon and we're making headway on a bunch of fronts. I dunno if I'm suffering from post-completion anti-climax, which has happened so often when developing games. We're now hanging on and waiting for our Worms Live Arcade title to launch.

It's going to be a good week next week though, I know that, I'll certainly perk up by the time I'm out there. We've got some great meetings set up and I know it'll all be very positive - it's always good to catch up with the folks in the industry and I'm sure that in a weeks time we'll have a collection of stories as per usual.

I've also decided to go pretty much all mac, which includes having one as my desktop in the office (with a PC just incase I need to run something on it, such as maybe the pc version of something we're running) but my role these days generally means just word-docs, spreadsheets, email and web - the kind of stuff that working on a mac makes really comfortable and actually enjoyable. I know I've turned into a bit of a Mac nerd, but there you go - there really is no going back!

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