Saturday, March 03, 2007


I'm delighted to say that the news of Worms impending release has been met with pretty much universal approval by the 360 community and should do really well.

I've spent a lot of time reading a lot of comments (and answering questions on Eurogamer's forum) - people are genuinely very keen to play the game and aside from a few gripes about missing weapons (generally the Holy Hand Grenade) I've been keen to tell people that the game is better balanced for it.

I also did an interview with "Major Nelson" (Larry Hyrb) and that goes out in a podcast on Sunday, that seemed to go pretty well and I don't believe I mentioned being "pumped" which will no doubt disappoint the hordes back in the office. There's some great comments on his blog site about the game and after reading previous comments on there, I'm relieved that they are by and large really buzzing about the game (they're a very discerning bunch!).

Back at home and I've got a ton of stuff to do today, Harry is back to playing outdoor football this morning and in keeping with that, it's bloody raining (it was a gorgeous spring-like day yesterday). I've got to pack for the trip and get a bunch of other stuff sorted too.. ho hum..

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Kilburn said...

No "pumped", but it's fair to say you didn't disappoint ;)