Sunday, April 01, 2007

Doctor Why?

Took the kids over to Manchester's Science & Industry museum today to the Doctor Who exhibition. Suffice to say that the 8minutes it took to stroll around some props and one animated remote control Dalek meant that the trip was fairly disappointing. The kids seemed to think it was ok but we perhaps expected a little bit more. We made up for it with a meal at the Hard Rock though.

I nearly didn't go in the first place after spending most of Saturday feeling rough as a badger's arse. I'd been up to Yarm with Jamie to see some developers and ended up enjoying the brunt of the town's finer bars and eventually a curry before heading back with Billy early in the morning - I'm not sure what I drank (or ate) to make me feel so bad, but it made me have to leave a get-together with our village friends on Saturday evening. Most unlike me to be ill and even odder still that I get up and leave my wine and pizza. Still, I feel a ton better today, despite the "Doctor Who experience".

1 comment:

Billy Allison said...

can't have been what you ate ... you put most of the food down the back of the necks and balanced no the heads of the two Jasons!

Was a good night fella and you did well to give me directions considering :D