Thursday, April 12, 2007

Spring, not summer.

After promising the kids a trip to the coast and confidently checking the weather, particularly after a glorious day on Wednesday when we went to Harewood House, I donned my T-Shirt and Shorts and packed the family up (replete with picnic) and set off for the "glorious" Yorkshire East Coast.

All was going well in the warm sun until we got to the A64 at York, the horrible bit where the dual carriageway ends near the roundabout... it was obvious that there had been an accident as there was no traffic on the other side of the road... and then an ambulence burst past.

Once I got to the roundabout, it was evident that with 8-9 miles of single carriageway and what looked like a evacuation-size queue heading for it from all directions, that we weren't getting to the coast very quickly. I had to turn off and go via Thirsk - a detour of over an hour, with the kids, the missis and even my mum (who we'd promised to take) starting to bang on about the fact that we had a picnic in the back and they were all hungry...

We eventually arrived, past lunch time, in a journey that took almost 3x the usual time and I obviously wasn't best pleased. I was even less pleased when I got out of the car; it was bloody freezing cold. The sun was hidden behind a haze and wasn't really doing it's a job and a distinct breeze off the sea managed to make things feel really cold, especially for one with T-Shirt and shorts on. Prat.

Our picnic, or rushed snack as it turned out, was gulped down in Peasholm park and the stuff put back in the car sharpish. I managed to find another top before we went to the beach, with me having goose-bumps the size of toes. The kids were determined to enjoy it though and stuck it out (after a trip on a bus to the South side of Scarborough where it was more lively).

We eventually got back without major traffic issues in the evening, with me enjoying the warmth and sanctuary of the car - I'd spend most of the late afternoon clutching a bloody blanket for fear of dying of exposure. It was even too cold to take photos!

The forecast for the weekend is supposed to be very warm, but the shorts will be staying in my drawers, for now.

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