Friday, May 11, 2007

Jacket-Swap, Sobriety and Lack of Moderation (Not necessarily in that order)

Funny old day, Thursday.

First I wasn't very moderate with moderation on two fronts; namely going without food all day, with only a few coffee's and waters during "Northern Exposure" - a day long conference at York Racecourse where I did a talk/presentation and a quick spot on a panel. Secondly, well, you know what.

I didn't eat simply because there was a lot of studio stuff going on which I kept having to sneak away and grab time on my blackberry for, people grabbing me to chat and before I knew it, it was 7pm and time for the evening events to start... it was a very good day though and well put together.

I was very concious of not eating but despite protesting about it (no, really) it fell on deaf ears and after 2 (large) glasses of red wine, what followed was pretty predictable.

Boxhall lost another hat (this time it ended up in the Ouse) and I lost a t-shirt, eventually playing a rather silly game of "wife swap" with Jackets for some reason. I ended up with Charles' Cecil's white number, he got my denim one and I woke up eventually in a blue jacket.

One problem, my jacket had my bloody blackberry in it. About 4-5hrs later it was found out that Charles still had my jacket, in York, whilst the blue-jacket believed to belong to a Glaswegian producer called Ken.

I was pretty rough on Friday and I only just came round before Marc and Tracy, our former neighbours (since moved up to the highlands) arrived for a weekend visit. We used to play Singstar a lot with them and this was like days of old, with it eventually ending at around 2.30am with Trina and I belting out "Life on Mars". I actually won a battle, getting an almost perfect score on "Enjoy The Silence" which is my joker. Earlier in the even I'd been on Guitar Hero again - I bloody love that game.

Saturday (today) is Harry's birthday party, even though his actual birthday isn't for a couple of weeks - so he's having a swimming/water-party in Dewsbury later today. That'll certainly sober me up. Bob and Julie are round tonight, so another late/tipsy one is forecast and more Guitar Hero I'd wager.

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