Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Where's Phil Collins when you need him?

Five days on and Charles Cecil's jacket still goes unreported in terms of sightings. Best thing is, a new photo has come to light and I'm definately the not the last one wearing it (since I'm wearing "Ken's" (whoever bloody Ken is)... this is a good thing. I think/hope... my memory is very, very hazy.

Work wise, it's been both busy and very productive, with a bunch of stuff getting sorted and I'm confident that I'll be able to go on my break a week on Friday with pretty much everything sorted for the time being, meaning I can relax.

I've had a few mails from people over in Sweden to say that they've missed our special brand of humour, which is nice - and I would have enjoyed going out there... maybe next year, or later in the year at least.

Oh and the Worms update will go live next Wednesday it seems.

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