Monday, June 11, 2007

Weekend flies by...

Another weekend mostly punctuated with the activities of our kids flew by...

Apart from Harry's Saturday footy session (in hot weather for once), there was also Simon's son's birthday, which included a huge bouncy slide in his garden and rather unsurprisingly a cider-marathon. Needless to say that 10hrs later, I was fast asleep and snoring, getting 'comments' from my missus, which spilled into Sunday due to the lack of sleep she got :-/

Sunday was a slow day, but we ended up going for an Italian at Orlando's (Grange Moor) where the owner does a few magic tricks while you eat. I thought it was OK, but nothing so special, but everyone else thought it was good... must have been me, then.

I also watched 'Hot Fuzz' which had turned up on DVD and I thought that wasn't too great either, but my expectancy was very high after Sean of The Dead.

Another busy week of getting stuff sorted beckons, hopefully with no more technical problems. Worms Open Warfare2 is edging closer (after a protracted testing period) and I chalk up 11years on the marriage barometer next weekend.


Ben Paddon / S2K said...

"Sean of The Dead"? Oh dear.

I actually rather enjoyed Hot Fuzz when I saw it at the cinema back in February. My DVD copy arrived this morning (I ordered the box-set which comes packed with, chortle, Shaun of the Dead) so I shall be re-watching it later today. Probably.

Billy Allison said...

top quality pic that Spadge!

Nice one