Saturday, July 21, 2007


I joined Facebook, a web friends-focus-zone ( a few days ago and it's been very addictive. It's a kind of "fits all" answer to all the previous linked-ins, blog-communities, friendslists and all that stuff. I'd always thought this "web 2.0" stuff was a bit far-fetched, but you can see how this stuff is just going to be so very big.

After returning from a pretty spectacularly successful trip to the USA, I can also see why there's so much focus on digital entertainment, where interactivity is the keyword; stuff like Facebook will become just as entertaining as playing games, or moreso than watching tv.

Games are set to explode and this is in a period where perhaps only 2 generations of people play (us, the post-baby-boomers and our children) - the next generations will be born surrounded by digital interactivity and have total acceptance.

I even think people will be still playing Worms then, when ironically enough, i'll be being eaten by bloody worms :)

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