Monday, July 30, 2007

Spinning around the viral spiral

Not the best weekend ever, fighting a viral infection in my throat and a hangover that reached 8 on the Richter scale. I'm finally coming round though, slowly and surely, I actually thought that was it, I was doomed!

I went into the office for a couple of hours and saw to a few things, to recommence my holidays in the afternoon. We took the kids to see the Simpson's movie (great first 30mins and isolated laughs for the remainder in my opinion).

Tomorrow is packing for Scotland as we head up to see Marc & Tracey, our old neighbours now holed up somewhere near the Moray Firth. Fortunately Doctor Ghandi said that I didn't need antibiotics so the Whisky tour is still on. Bless the lord (and Allah).


Anonymous said...

Allah? Gandhi was a Hindu.

Martyn "Spadge" Brown said...

A good example of my total religious ignorance.