Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Update from a perfect climate

Well, perfect if you like mid 60's and shrouded in cloud - all year sun my arse!

Anyway, despite a delay in Vegas for an hour or two, where the only gamble was whether to have a hotdog from 'Sausage Kingdom' or go for a mini-express Pizza-hut pizza, we arrived at LAX around 6pm.

Once we'd got over the disillusionment of the cloudy weather (after 100deg heat in our short walk in Vegas from Terminal 2 to 1) the second kidney punch came in the choice of 'convertible' (especially given the weather). Let's just say that there were a bunch of choices that might have pleased the wife. We ended up with a Chrysler PT Cruiser (cough) despite my rantings if there was anything else at all, still the cyan beetle would have been pretty bad too.

Our hotel isn't all that, we're a few blocks from the sea but it's a dingy place (there wasn't much on offer when I tried to book, E3 and high-season etc) and the room stunk a bit even before we got in it.

We've got a busy day today so it's not like we'd need the facilities of the room, have time to enjoy the sun or even get the benefit from our car (we've a few short miles to do) so in hindsight, there appears little to really whinge about.

We had a bite and a drink with Cris Blyth last night and he was in great form and totally besotted with his iPhone - which truly is a thing of beauty, if only to use on the net and as a portable photo album/music thing... (mmm... if I see one, one could come home...)

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