Friday, August 31, 2007

Busy busy

Back from a night in Newcastle, where I attended a round-table session discussing PSN (Playstation Network) (i.e. the "Live Arcade" of the PS3) with some of the heads of other northern Devstudios and Phil Gaskell, from Sony, who is the producer who runs it all - coincidentally a pal, who was also celebrating a birthday.

The talks were pretty constructive and it was a good meeting. As you can imagine, in Newcastle, with a birthday in the air, some partying was done too, which included a decent game of Perudo - even more enjoyable when Bry's pet Gargoyle got involved :-)

We went to a few bars around the main throng and as ever, Newcastle was lively. We ended up in Buffalo Joe's again and we risked the wild-west atmosphere just to go on the mechanical bull again, pictures will be forthcoming.

Friday started off a little bleary, but a nice lunch in York with Phil and the Albeck monkey sorted me out, before getting back to T17 towers and catching up on my mail, since Carphone Warehouse still haven't sorted me out.

On a work note, Worms Open Warfare 2 was released on PSP/DS today and also "Worms: Space Oddity" was announced, which is our first Wii title, due Spring 2008. By the way, we are working on non-worms games, all will be revealed in due course.

I got some tickets for the Leeds match (I'm taking Harry) and also got him a training top - and on Sunday, we're treating the kids to an overnight at Alton Towers water park and theme park on Monday.

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