Tuesday, August 14, 2007

London Bound

Off to London today with John... and then on to Woking to see one of our partners and then into London on the way back to see another. There'll be a game of dice early evening with Matt (now of Eidos) then back on the 9.30pm train.

The days are counting down to the Germany trip and I'm pretty tired all told since I've not had a good nights sleep for a few days, which is leaving me quite short-tempered and ratty.

The kitchen bloke came last night to measure up for a new Kitchen, so Katrina's all excited about that - I'll be less excited when the quote comes in.

Speaking of Kitchens, I managed to turn my previously white, curry-covered shirt blue by not noticing I'd popped some boxers in with it on a hot wash... oh well, at least the blue it is now actually looks ok (blush).

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