Monday, August 20, 2007

Negating the niggles

Carphone Warehouse finally succumbed to letting me have the phone I wanted but then announced that they didn't have the phone in any of their stores so they would send me a cheque instead - not quite sure why that didn't happen in the first place - and even the histrionics with O2 are getting there.

We went to get our quote for the kitchen yesterday and came away without plans nor quote since the Kitchen guy had niggles of his own with their PC/Printers... it left Katrina quite cheesed off, so to cheer her up I took the family to Orlando's Italian up on Grange moor.

Other than that, I set the 360 up to stream all my iTunes stuff from Trina's PC and went to the boozer with Bob.

I've got to pack for Germany sometime today; a pet peeve - and I'm thinking of taking it steady out there - the last major trip for some time.

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