Friday, September 07, 2007

Long weekend off and other titbits

Due to being pretty tired after a busy summer, I've chosen to take a few days off whilst there's good opportunity to. Fortunately this has coincided with some nice weather and relaxation number one will be to wash the car, whilst listening to some Floyd. It works for me, don't knock it.

Otherwise things are pretty good, the recent release of Worms Open Warfare is getting great reviews (and more importantly, fantastic consumer reviews) so that's excellent - things are moving well on other projects as we nudge towards revealing what we've been working on for a while, as well as drop a teaser on our website on some other stuff.

Phone wise, it's all sorted, I'm with Blackberry again, wife has her new phone and everythings all good - hassles out of the way. Even Virgin Media pulled their socks up after a frustrating couple of days offline at home - which really wound Jack up since he's in a race trying to get to level 60 on Warcraft...

My only shame in a busy weekend is that I won't be able to get to Elland Rd, to see a game which could see Leeds chalk up 5 straight wins and get back to zero points... Harry is at a party... never mind.

I've got Monday/Tuesday off too an a list of things to do as long as my, er, arm.

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