Saturday, December 15, 2007

Winding down and gearing up!

As the year winds down, a year that has simply flown by, I'm currently looking forward to Monday night when Team17 let's its hair down for our 17th anniversary/Christmas Party at The Oracle in Leeds.

I hope everything goes smoothly as we've got live music (3 piece acoustic band), food, free-bar and interestingly enough, a "17" sculptured from Ice which has a vodka-run going through it. It should prove to be an interesting night with 100+ people showing up. I'm not sure what I'll feel like on Tuesday...

It's been a good year for the company and the future is very bright; I'm looking forward to being able to announce 3 of the projects we're working on in early 2008.

I'm also looking forward to putting my feet up and enjoying a break at xmas before it all starts again - and there's already the lads away trip to Iceland to look forward to in mid-January.

After Iceland there's a few birthdays and friends' 40ths to celebrate, a trip to Casual Connect in Amsterdam and then a week at GDC in San Francisco, which for some strange reason is a month earlier this year, that's quickly followed by Jamie's 40th, hopefully in Dublin. And all that before the end of Feb!


Anonymous said...

Is this a open event or do you have to be on a lit's


P.S Is Neil South coming to ?

Martyn "Spadge" Brown said...

It's a guest list yes (invites etc).

I imagine Neil will be there, I haven't actually seen the internal list of who's coming or whatever.


NikiSonicxs said...

Well... as long as you post some picture's on your site that would be great

If you happen to bump into Neil tell Merry Chirtmas and a Happy New Year, and good luck with Worms A Space oddity

One last thing it's Niki form the Northenrn Exposure.