Monday, January 07, 2008

Back at work

Well, it's back at it after what seems like both a long break and a very short break - odd that! Seems like I've been off for ages and also not long at all so I'm not sure how that works...

Anyway, it's been straight at it today with a ton of stuff to sort out and I've managed to rattle through a lot which has been useful. Fortunately things are running quite smoothly right now, so there's been plenty of time to focus.

Amongst the things sorted are GDC/Game Connection next month, which will be upon us soon enough, with myself, John and Jamie heading out there for a week. We're attending Game Connection this time too - and no doubt enjoying some good meetings as we did last year.

2007 wrapped up well on the Worms front, with the title finishing No.2 on the XBLA best sellers list, currently heading up the XBLA community arcade game of the year and also managing to win Nintendo DS strategy game of the year award at IGN :-) A good start to 2008 indeed, with a ton of exciting announcements planned for later.

With the Kitchen starting to happen and a trip to Iceland at the weekend, all's rosy in the garden right now, save for Herbie our dog who's started scratching his leg at night which makes a right racket, it sounds like he's drumming the intro to Phil Collins "In the Air Tonight".

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