Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Icelandic Trip

Got back yesterday from 3 great days/nights in Iceland - an utterly superb place to visit if you're into landscapes and natural areas of interest (volcanoes, geysir's, glaciers, etc).

We spent 3 nights in Reykjavik and despite the extreme high price of everything (especially booze, almost £10/pint!) we had a simply fantastic time - the best way of summing it up would be to liken it to a 3 day edition of Top Gear!

We toured most of the area in the direct north, the west (including Gullifoss, the large waterfall) and spent an hour or so in the stunning Blue Lagoon; an outdoor geothermal pool in snow-blizzard conditions - which was simply something else and worth the trip on it's own.

At night we braved the cold and the sound of ringing tills to enjoy everything that Reykjavik's throbbing night-life had to offer; the town, small as it is, was simply jumping from midnight to 6am. There was a ton of crazy incidents (as you'd expect if Bryan Reynolds was in tow) and I'll try and get time to detail those, which included borrowing a bike one night on the way back from a night out, soaking himself in the bath fully clothed and pretending to be a Geysir before climbing into a bed full of crisps, waking up with a strange blue rubber glove on and causing havoc in town. Saturday was especially lively and in stark contrast, Sunday was like a ghost town.

Some atrocious weather on Sunday showed us what it can be like in the arctic (it hadn't been TOO cold before then) and the weather ended up causing a delayed flight, which always cheeses you off. At the end, we were all pretty knackered as we'd tried to make the most of absolutely all our time; driving around in our Landcruiser taking photos in the day and partying through the night - I'm sure I'll get some sleep at some point.

With regards to Iceland, I'd love to go back and see more of it - the three of us who went were unanimous in it's praise.

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