Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Positive thoughts, positive action.

I'm not really sure what it was that had me careering into the new year with a "get it done" attitude. Perhaps it was a longer than usual break, a feeling of 'job done' last year (given a good all round year for the company) and perhaps it was just simply time I took it up a notch and grabbed hold with both hands - that sounds a bit bizarre, but it's the best way I can describe it.

I don't feel particularly energetic but I do feel pretty focused and in control; not that I don't normally feel in control, but its weird, it's probably just an unerring sense of purpose and focus - so I'm making the best of it and getting a swathe of stuff done while I can.

Truth be told I'd labored through tasks in the last quarter, but anyone who'd seen me expending energy like it'd gone out of fashion during 2007 will probably understand why. It was a very good end to 2007 for me personally, putting the cap on Team17's 17th year was truly memorable for a bunch of reasons; more so because it was a return to form in more ways than one and the stench of 'feel-good-factor' was thick in the air.

I've now stopped worrying about how quickly time goes by and am preparing to ensure I try and squeeze as much out of it as possible - a rule I've generally abided by but perhaps not always with a certain balance. My wastefulness on gadgetry, gimmicks, too many games (given my little 'me time') have really, hopefully finally made things a little more clear.

I'm head-long and bought into sorting our house out this year, perhaps after a year or two of "i'll sort it soon" neglect. I've missed our social nights, parties, call them what you will and we intend to spruce the house up and get it rocking. Time with your friends is simply the best, to quote Tina Turner (which is about all I'd really like to do to her).

Last Friday we welcomed a new addition to our family menagerie when I went and bought a hamster for Harry, which he keeps in his room. He's named him (rather unsurprisingly) "Sonic"
and he's a cute little fellow who has to fend off the interest from 3 cats and a rather exciteable Westie who must think he's back in the glens chasing rodents.

As if to equalize the post chrimbo treats, I gave Jack a present a bit earlier than I imagined (I'd been saving it for his birthday) - a Chemistry set. He was well chuffed, it was if anything an olive branch to try and get things back onside between him, me and Trina. I don't think it really needed anything buying, but it was more a gesture and a reminder that we do still love him, even if him growing up and leaving our comfort zone is quite disconcerting.

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AndyM said...

Glad you're feeling better Martyn. I bet you regret that hamster though. Always a five minute wonder in my experience. Let me know when the time comes and I'll find it a home in one of my reptiles ;}