Monday, March 10, 2008

Even Keel

Suffice to say that normality is slowly being restored at home, with the Kitchen in and fully functional, putting behind us a fairly stressful couple of weeks, one of which was spent fighting jet-lag.

There's just the flooring and some painting to be done and that's that. We're very happy with the result and it's a nice room to be in. I'll be taking a home-improvement break for a month or two before looking at some stuff to do upstairs... and enjoy the peace & quiet.

Work is busy, with a ton of stuff going on in the background, although I'm just at home now after coming home feeling rather shitty - the rennie/panadol mix didn't cure whatever is making me feel rough and my guts are doing somersaults, it might be the late Chinese meal I had last night with Bob... I better check to see if he's ok too!

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