Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lagged out again.

I've probably mentioned it a dozen or so times already on the blog, but I really can't stand the aftermath of travelling to the USA. My sleep patterns get so broken that it puts me in a right old mess for a week.

This time, we got back Monday late afternoon (having been awake practically 24hrs) and I managed to get an hour or two's kip, before eventually going to sleep around 1am. I took some tablets to aid my sleep (so I'd get some and not wake up during the night) - the result was that I woke like a shot at 11.30am suddenly remembering I'd got a rental car to get back to Leeds by 12pm... so cue 5 mins leap out of bed, brush hair, throw clothes on and scramble to Leeds in the god-awful VW Passett estate car I had (replete with shitty engine key thing and very weird parking brake). I managed it just in time, or so I though as I was informed that despite being 5 mins late, they give an hours grace, but I needed to fuel it up anyway. 

A walk into Leeds, a cheeky pasty later and a cab home, to the sofa was on the cards, where I slept until evening. After that I woke for an hour or so before sleeping again until about 5am Tuesday morning. After walking the dog and kids to school, I put a day in at the office and it's now 5.22am on Wednesday and I've not slept for 24hrs, having been up all night unable to sleep. Bugger.

That said, I've accomplished a couple of things; firstly I've edited all the holiday photos and also got them up on Flickr, where family and friends can get at them (here) and whilst I was doing that, I also managed to see off series 5 of the Sopranos :-)

Work-wise things went ok, at least once I'd spent a few hours getting shut of some 23,000+ junk emails that had landed during my holiday. Once cleared up, I quickly got on top of things and tiredness aside I should be back on form sometime tomorrow. Work is pretty interesting at the moment with Team17 on the verge of a couple of announcements which we're looking forward to.

I also forgot to mention the fate of Leeds Utd, who didn't get their 15pts back in the end and despite bravely reaching the play-off final, succumbed to mighty Doncaster and thus are resigned to another season in division 3 ("League One" as it's know to apparently soften the blow). Despite that, I've been rekindled in terms of interest and am considering a season ticket for next year. Glutton for punishment, perhaps.

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